What is the Maximum Size of a Windshield Crack that can be Repaired?

Auto Glass Repair

A construction truck abruptly enters your lane while you are driving down the highway. You try to make a turn, but debris from the truck flies out and smashes your windshield. While checking the windshield, you notice a few tiny cracks.

Those who drive often on major highways and roads with a lot of traffic may have been in this situation before. You are probably aware that it is not a good idea to continue driving around with a cracked windshield for an extended period of time. When you finally get the chance to visit an auto glass shop, one question I have for you is: Will you need to replace the windshield entirely, or can it just be repaired? The following is a list of guidelines that will assist you in determining the answer.

Examining the Crack and Determining Whether or Not It Should Be Fixed or Replaced

There are three considerations that determine whether a crack in your windshield can be repaired or not:

  • – Location of the crack
  • – Length of the crack
  • – Depth of the crack

If your windshield does crack, it’s most likely to happen either in your field of vision or at the edges. If a crack is more than a few inches long on the driver’s side, installing a new windshield is a must. 

Additionally, if your windshield has a number of small cracks or a deep crack along the edges, it is probably beyond repair. If the windshield’s edges are broken, it’s more likely to crack completely in a collision. If your windshield has any cracks or chips larger than a quarter or any that extend more than 3.5 inches in length, you should probably get a new one. Keep in mind that deep cracks and chips of any size may be irreparable.

If your front or rear windshield has a significant crack, you should get it fixed as soon as possible with the help of an auto glass repair company. An expert in auto glass can tell you if the crack can be repaired if you aren’t sure how bad it is. Keep in mind that when it comes to professional crack and chip repair, durability and safety are given higher priority than aesthetics. Even though your windshield will look better and last longer, it is possible that minor imperfections will remain.

In some cases, the longer you wait to get an expert’s opinion, the more serious the problem could become. Changes in temperature, freezing rain, or hail may do enough damage to your windshield overnight to make it unsafe to drive.

5 most common causes of windshield damage 

When something goes wrong with your car, the windshield is usually the first thing that needs to be fixed. The following are the most common causes of windshield damage:

1. Flying rocks and gravel on the road

The majority of windshield cracks and chips are caused by flying gravel, rocks, wood chips, and other debris. While the front windshield may take the brunt of the damage, the back one should be inspected on a regular basis.

2. Poor glass construction

The quality of windshields seems to be declining. If your windshield has ripples and ridges, it is broken and could break at any time. 

Thirdly, faulty installation

Cracking or chipping is less likely to occur in a windshield that is properly installed, even when subjected to the force of flying debris. Your windshield will quickly deteriorate if, during the installation, there are any small gaps left behind.

4. Temperature swings

When you use the defroster or heater frequently during severe weather, tiny cracks can spread and widen over time. Cracks in your windshield are the result of the uneven expanding and contracting of your windshield.

5. Natural disasters (hail, shattered branches, baseballs).

Your windshield is more likely to crack if you reside in an area prone to severe weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and hail. Buying a car cover and staying away from parking in the shade are the two simplest solutions. However, this is no assurance that your windshield will remain unscratched. The windshield could be broken by a stray ball, though this is a less common cause of windshield damage.

The Benefits and Risks of Fixing Your Own Windshield

Most hardware and home improvement stores sell inexpensive kits that anyone can use to fix a cracked windshield. Although these kits are cheap, they shouldn’t be used to repair a cracked windshield. If you try to fix the windshield yourself, you might void the warranty on your car, and you’ll have to pay for any further damage. In fact, it’s often cheaper to hire a professional auto glass expert than to do it yourself.

Even if the crack in your windshield appears to be repairable, you may want to consider having it checked out by a professional. The expense of fixing or replacing your windshield may be partially or fully covered by your insurance policy. Always have a professional fix any damage near your windshield wipers.

Professional Auto Glass Repair Services Can Save You Time and Money

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