Auto Glass Services

We offer the best value in the auto glass industry and pride ourselves in the highest quality products and service anywhere. Since 1992 we have been offering the public and private industry reliable and proven windshield replacement, windshield repairs and auto glass service. When it’s time for you to get your car back on the road don’t leave this important decision to chance. Use the experts that national car dealers use. Call Southwest Auto Glass for all of your auto glass needs.


ADAS Recalibration

Southwest Auto Glass is proud to be the first Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Company to provide ADAS Calibration Services in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Advanced Driver(s) Assistance Systems (ADAS) in vehicles is becoming increasingly popular. These systems rely upon cameras, lasers, and radar – often with the camera mounting to the windshield. Any time a new windshield is installed, the camera must be calibrated to ensure proper functionality and to restore the camera to OEM specifications.


Chip Repair Services

Why Should I repair my chips?
It is easier on you. It can usually be done while you wait or while you are at work
It is easier on your vehicle.
It is better for the environment.
What is the windshield repair process?
Windshield repair is a permanent process that removes air from the break and replaces it with a durable resin. The process bonds the glass to the resin, restores strength to the windshield,